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Nipple and Clitorial Body Jewelry - Ruby

Nipple and clitoral jewelry. Non piercing body jewelry

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Purple Chain Nipple Clamps

Totally adjustable, comfortable, non-tarnishing, rubber-coated nipple clamps

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Nipple Tension Riders

Fetish Fantasy Series Nipple Chain Clamps

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Nipple Chain Clips - Silver

Be a little daring do not these nipple clips get all the attention you want. They will make your nipples stand right up and grab the eye of all on-lookers. There is nothing as sexy as perk tight nipples.

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Bulls Rings - Silver

These non piercing nipple rings are both attractive and sexually arousing when pinched on. The metal ball on the ring slides around the nipple area keeping you aroused and perky all the time.

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Tickle Me Pink Nipple Clamp Tassels

Adorn yourself with these sexy pink nipple tassels from Frisky! Soft cotton candy colored tassels will dangle enticingly from your nipples, and are the perfect addition to any lingerie set. Give your nipples a pleasured pinch with the adjustable bullnose style nipple clamps that are quickly and easily made tighter or more loose with the screws on the side. Rubber tipped ends ensure a good grip with plenty of comfort.

6 inches in total length, clamps open up to 0.5 inches wide

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