Accessorize your fetish with these nipple stimulators including breast pumps, nipple clamps and nipple jewelry.


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Cloud 9 Health and Wellness Nipple and Clitoral Massager Suction Set - Teal

The nipple enhancement 3 pack is designed to create a powerful natural suction sensation and engorement to the nipple and clitoral areas with a simple squeeze, the Nipple cups fit perfectly against the skin and create a strong seal for hands-free fun, just attach to each nipple and watch them swell. This performance nipple ehancement kit contains a small and medium size based on the size of your nipple and areola. Use the set on each nipple, and alse use one pleasure suction cup for the clitoral area.

• Phthalate Free, Body-Safe
• Use simultaneously on the nipples and clitoral areas
• 2 Sizes to accommodate different nipple and areola areas
• Suction creates engorgement of the nipple & clitoral areas

Small -
Height: 47MM
Width: 37MM
Depth: 37MM
Medium -
Height: 59MM
Width: 46MM
Depth: 46MM

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Lily Pod Tip Attachment - Purple

The Lily Pod Attachment is a full body stimulating wand accessory. Create a mild suction with the special scoop design and press into the rows of tingling texture pearls. A wonderful sensation against your skin. Massage your pressure points or explore labial clitoral and nipple stimulation. A great attachment to use with men too. Tease his shaft testicles and frenulum. We hope you enjoy the full range of Wand Essentials products and wish you happy healthy and fulfilling results.

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Razzles Vibrating Nipple Pads - Purple

Please and tease with these sexy vibrating nipple pasties! These flirty pasties adhere comfortably to your nipples. The mini vibes add extra zing and rest on the nipple perfectly. Simple lay back, slip the Razzles over your nipples and flip the switch! While the vibrations will last only as long as the batteries last, with the ON-OFF switch, you can save your batteries easily.

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Voodoo Beso Flower Power - Pink

Part of Voodoo's incredible 'Beso' air pulse collection, the Flower Power brings groovy vibes to your self-love sessions.

Call me your one true love, I’m here to romance you with my rose-shaped design, created to delight your senses. Unlock intense pleasure with air pulsation technology and suction features for light teasing or intense sensations.

The one rose to keep by your bed-side all year round, it will have you glowing from the inside out, every time.

• Magnetic USB Charging
• Simple One-button Operation
• 10x pulsation
• Powerful vibration, and suction
• Multiuse use - stimulates clitoral, nipple, and anal area
• 10 patterns of suction and vibration
• Medical-grade silicone
• Waterproof

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Silicone Bit Gag With Nipple Clamps

Ideal for training your pony, submissive, or slave, this combination of a bit gag and nipple clamps ensures that your plaything stays quiet, even as you deliver painful pleasure to their delicate nips! Stuff the premium silicone bit into their mouth and secure it with the soft, adjustable, red-stitched straps. The intensity of this devious device is taken up a notch with the addition of two connector chains on the metal rings that hold the gag. Each ends in an alligator nipple clamp, which allows you to adjust the pressure with thumbscrews. Vinyl coated tips make for a comfortable and secure grip. Enjoy every muffled moan and stifled gasp as you tease and torment your pet!

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Sincerely Amber Beaded Nipple Clamp

Adorn your chest in exquisite tortoiseshell-inspired Amber Beaded Nipple Clamps and add the teasing torment of nipple play to your next ravishing rendezvous. Made with tension adjustments, choose the intensity you or your partner desire.

• Rubber-tipped nipple clamps with tension adjustments
• Beaded chains for tugging and pulling
• Gold-plated chain withstands wear for added durability
• Phthalate free
• Material: 50% iron, 30% acrylic, 20% PVC

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Sincerely Amber Nipple Jewelry

Decorate your bosom with the Amber Nipple Jewelry, meticulously crafted with gold-plated adjustable nipple ring to fit any size. Draw their eyes in with exquisite tortoiseshell-inspired beads, perfect for flicking and pulling during nipple play.

• Durable and adjustable
• Gold-plated nipple ring allows you to adjust for the perfect fit, even when tugged on
• Gold-plated chain withstands wear for added durability
• Material: 60% iron, 40% acrylic

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Bow Tie Nipple Jewelry - Black

Dress yourself or your lover up with the Bow Tie Nipple Jewelry. Designed to create the illusion of a piercing without the pain, enjoy them at home or dare to wear them out on the town under your clothing. Simply place the lightweight metal hook around the nipple and tighten to adjust to your comfort. Make formal fun and flirty.

• Promotes accessibility
• For all experience levels
• Faux leather
• Hand wash
• Nickel free
• In the box: 2 Nipple jewelry

• 100% Nickel free hardware

• Jewelry Width: 1.2" (3 cm)
• Jewelry Height: 0.5" (1.3 cm)

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Bow Tie Pastie - Black

Seductive yet sophisticated, the Bow Tie Pasties will add a touch of elegance to any outfit or lack thereof. After peeling back the protective film to expose the adhesive layer, the soft and pliable faux leather will mold securely to the curves of the breasts, covering the nipples. Dress them up under a silky blouse or dare to bare them alone, leave as much or as little to the imagination as you desire.

• Promotes accessibility
• For all experience levels
• Faux leather
• Hand wash
• Nickel free
• In the box: 2 Pasties

• 95% Phthalate free polyurethane, 4% polyethylene, 1% nickel free metal

• Pastie Height: 1" (2.5 cm)
• Pastie Width: 2" (5.1 cm)

Adhesive will remain intact for up to 3 wears. Easily replace with new adhesive after stickiness wears out.

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Sex and Mischief Nipple Clips

2 fully adjustable multi-use basic clamps for him or her. Soft pads for added comfort and can be removed. Tension adjustments make them perfect for nipple stimulation as well as many other sensitive areas.

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Sex and Mischief Ruby Black Nipple Clips

New to nipple play? These Nipple Clamps are perfect for the beginner. Rings slide down the shaft of the tweezer-like clip for as snug as you like sensations. Soft pads at end for added comfort and decorative red and black jewels add decoration.

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Sex and Mischief Nipple Suckers Nipple Clips

Nipple Suckers are squeezable with flanged base for extra suction. Bulb is designed to provide increased sensitivity and blood flow.

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Collar With Nipple Clamps

Gorgeous vegan leather collar with attached nipple clamps provides constant stimulation. Soft double-layered hand-stitched PVC collar adjusts with quality roller buckle closure. The two coated nipple clamps have tension adjustments and are attached to the collar with 10.5-inch chains. Perfect for nipple stimulation and many other sensitive areas. Nickel-free

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Sex and Mischief Chained Nipple Clamps

One pair of coated nipple clamps with tension adjustments are attached by a nickel-free 13-inch chain. They are perfect for nipple stimulation and many other sensitive areas.

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Sex and Mischief Feathered Nipple Clamps

These Feathered Nipple Clamps feature luxuriously soft feathers that tickle the skin as the sway.

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Sex and Mischief Enchanted Feather Nipple Clamps - Burgundy

Be brought to the next level of ecstasy with the adjustable Enchanted Feather Nipple Clamps making it easy for varying levels of pressure play. Allow your partner to test your boundaries by compressing or releasing pressure. Removable plastic tips let you determine the level of extreme you’ll reach. Soft and alluring these feathers increase sensation and can be used to tease your partners even when they aren’t being worn.

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Adjustable Micro Plier Clamps - Link Chain

Get ready for a new experience with these Micro Pliers, which deliver the sharpe st sensation of the adjustable line. The super-localized grip of the curved tips makes for a truly adventurous experience. Combine that with precision adjustabi lity and a sexy hardware look, and you may have found the perfect nipple toy.

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Adjustable Alligator Clamps - Link Chain

Spartacus gator nipple clamps deliver a tantalizing pinch that you'll definitely notice. In the adjustable style, the skinny tips deliver localized pressure as lightly or as tightly as you choose.

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Endurance Broad Tips Clamps Link Chain

Nipple clamps with broad tips. These are great for large nipples that need a wid er tip. The wide, rubber-tipped tips distribute the pressure from the clamp.

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Adjustable Clit Clamp With Purple Beads

Adjustable tweezer-style clit clamp with elegant beads.

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Beaded Clamps - Adjustable Broad Tip - Purple

Adjustable broad tip nipple clamps with purple beads and soft rubber tips. Adjus t the clamps by twisting the thumb screw - from merely lovely decoration to pret ty strong stimulation.

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Endurance Jumper Cable Clamps - Link Chain

The skinny tips of these Jumper Cable clamps deliver an intense pinch that you could be just what your engine needs. Rev up and enjoy the delicious tantalizing sensation.

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Nipple Pumping System With Detachable Cylinders

Nipple play enthusiasts will love this easy-to-use pumping system! Nipple suction increases sensitivity and temporarily engorges as it draws increased circulation into the area. The sensation is perfect for foreplay or during masturbation. You can even detach the cylinders and keep them on while you fool around. Just place the industrial-grade acrylic cylinders over your nipples, using lube if necessary to make it airtight. Pump the hand bulb to initiate suction. When you are done, a quick release valve allows you to immediately release the pressure, effectively freeing your nipples. Excite your nipples in a unique new way!

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Size Matters See -Thru Nipple Boosters

Suction and increased blood flow to the nipples can increase sensitivity and improve circulation. The Size Matters See-Tru Nipple Boosters enlarge and stimulate using gentle suction. Simply place them over the nipple and squeeze the bulb to create a mild yet effective vacuum. Once you let go, these fun nipple toys will stay in place on their own. With the see through chamber, you get to watch all the action as you play!

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Nip Zip Ice Cube Nip Balm - Chocolate Mint - Tube Carded

Nipz Zip is the most exciting thing to happen to nipples since ice cubes. This all natural balm was designed to be enjoyed on the nipples of both men and women alike. It can be applied to various places on the body when you want to experiment with different sensations. The intensity and length of the sensation lasts depends on the person and how much

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Nip Zip Ice Cube Nip Balm - Strawberry Mint - Tube Carded

Nipz Zip is the most exciting thing to happen to nipples since ice cubes. This all natural balm was designed to be enjoyed on the nipples of both men and women alike. It can be applied to various places on the body when you want to experiment with different sensations. The intensity and length of the sensation lasts depends on the person and how much

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Entice Feather Nipplettes

Designer feather nipplettes with soft comfortable pads. Includes 2 fully adjustable multi-use clamps. Tickling feathers. Non-tarnishing Nickel-Free.

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Boundless Nipple Grips - Black

Elevate sensation and embrace endless pleasure possibilities with the Boundless Nipple Grips. The multi-use clamps are made to explore elevated sensation with the screw down 4-point press design and heavy-duty feel.

Find what hits just right with the fully adjustable screw-down 4-point press, while the power grip cote tips hold tight for the thrill of a lifetime. Clamp the naughty grips to the nipple or anywhere on the body and enjoy every rush of pain and pleasure with each tug.

The teasing clamp has fully adjustable 4 points of tension to stimulate anywhere on your body for playful teasing. As the tension tightens, the tingles intensify with every turn of the screw for the ultimate in nipple stimulation toys. These easy-to-use nipple teasers are great for everyone.

• Screw-down 4-point press with power grip cote
• Twist to tighten
• Heavy duty metal
• Fully adjustable screws
• Non-piercing design

• Overall: 2" (5 cm)
• Fully extended inner diameter: .5" x .5" (1.25 cm x 1.25 cm)

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Nipple Play Silicone Advanced Nipple Suckers - Black

2 soft, pliable Silicone nipple suckers for intense arousal. Soft and squeezable with flanged base for extra suction. Advanced bulb design for increased sensitivity.

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Nipple Play Mini Nipple Suckers - Pink

Soft and pliable nipple suckers for intimate couples play Super suction for heightened sensitivity

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Nipple Play Mini Nipple Suckers - Purple

Soft and pliable nipple suckers for intimate couples play Super suction for heightened sensitivity

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Nipple Play Advanced Nipple Suckers - Pink

Nipple enhancers for increased sensitivity Superior suction Flanged design

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