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Sex and Mischief Please Crop

The Please Crop creates a bite with its faux leather head. It is adorned with rose gold caps, a black wrist loop, a tightly woven brain for a shaft, and a faux braided handle.

23.5" Crop


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Heart Beat Crop Sex and Mischief

Features & Benefits: Create unique sensations with our new Heart Beat Crop. One side is smooth for spanking, stroking, and caressing. The other side features a plush red lace fabric tied up like a corset harness and is adorned with a blinged bow. The bling adds to the sting! Use this beautiful new addition to your collection to invent your own Sex & Mischief fantasy. Includes: 1 Heart Beat Crop Ingredients: PU Fabric, ABS Plastic, Polyester, Nickel Free Metal Hardware, Vinyl, Cubic Zirconia

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Sex and Mischief Romantic String Crop - Black

The Romantic Sting Crop will have your partner begging for more. The long shaft allows for greater motion. A favorite tool for those who like a broader impact area.

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Sex and Mischief Slender Impulse Crop - Black

The Slender Impulse Crop will have your partner begging for more. The long shaft allows for greater motion. A favorite tool for those who like a broader impact area.

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The Motivator Crop - Black

Even if you already own a crop you will want to add the Motivator to your collection. This wellcrafted accessory features a brief shaft extra firm grip and long slim leather impact zone for ultimate control.

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Sex and Mischief Heart Impression Paddle

Feel the love with the Sex & Mischief Heart Crop. With the heart cut-out, you're sure to leave your love note on your partner's skin. The black wand is complete with a black wrist strap. Hardware is nickel-free.

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Sincerely Lace Crop

Covered in a luxurious lacy fabric, the head of this stylish, sleek crop is set off with a lavish black corseted ribbon and satin bow. The stem is made of a thin yet sturdy rod. The handle is covered at the base with the same lacy fabric.

Ingredients: 40% polyurethane, 33% polyester, 12% ABS plastic, 10% spandex, 3% nickel free metal, 2% vinyl

Includes: (1) 12 Inch (30.48cm) Lace Crop

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Sex and Mischief Riding Crop

This compact riding crop is perfect for any domination fantasy or just a good old fashioned spanking.

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Sex and Mischief Studded Square Crop - Black

Create unique sensations with the Studded Square Crop. One side is smooth for spanking stroking and caressing. The studded side creates more intense play. For added sensations place the crop in the freezer and invent you own sex and mischief.

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26in Classic Riding Crop

26 inch black ridding crop

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Boundless Feather Crop - Black

Naughty and nice are paired perfectly on the flirty Boundless Feathe Crop. This frisky BDSM dual crop is made to play as a dating faux leather crop and tickling feather.

Effortlessly switch between fierce and teasing, while using the thrilling crop to plant tingling or tickle your sub with the flirty feathers. Elevate the senses and blur the edges of pleasure and pain.

• Dual ended crop with designer accents and tickler
• Sturdy crop with tickling feather on the other end
• 21”/53.25 cm

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First Time Fetish Riding Crop

First Time Fetish .. A high quality collection of Playful Fetish Gear Designed for First Time or Experienced Users.. High quality riding crop with sturdy handle.

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Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Feather Crop

One crack of this Fantasy Feather Crop and your lover will know who is in charge. First tease them with the feather then please them with a smack of the crop. It hurts so good.

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Fetish Fantasy Series Silicone Crop

The Silicone Crop provides pleasant punishment with every swing. Just one crack and your lover will submit to your every desire.

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Fetish Fantasy Series - Silicone Heart Flapper

Explore your fetish fantasies with the Silicone Heart. The cute marks it leaves on your lovers bottom are sure to give you a heart on.

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Fetish Fantasy Series Riding Crop

Made from leather and designed like the equestrian English-style horse whip this Riding Crop whip will surely make your lover submit to your every desire.

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Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Sting Riding Crop

• Sweet Sting riding crop, for sensory bondage play
• Features a leather detail to the wrist strap and tip, a braided stem and a soft rubber handle
• Gorgeous design makes this a bedroom statement piece
• Best combined with a blindfold, a spanker and a soft feather tickler
• Suitable for beginners through to advanced users

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Flesh and Spirit Riding Crop - Black

This elegant black crop is tipped with a flash of grey at the end that will deliver a crisp dose of pleasure and pain to the receiver. The crop measures 26" (66.04 cm) long, from the elegant woven handle tipped with steel, to the sensual leather loop at the end, dyed a deep, soft grey. The shaft is springy and supple, yet firm enough to put a bit of a bite in your swing. The handle is capped off with an elegat steel emblem.

• Total length: 26" (66.04 cm)
• Handle length: 8.13" (20.65 cm)

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