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The Cuckold Doll - Black Male/ White Female

You’ve always fantasized about walking in on your girlfriend to find her wrapped around a strapping black man, and now’s your chance to make the dream cum true! She’s white hot and he’s cool black, with a dong that really inflates! And of course you can join in the fun and make it a threesome, enjoying all the holes available for the taking! Make your hottest cuckold fantasy come alive while you watch the included DVD, Interracial Cougar Cuckold 4 from Zero Tolerance!

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Mr. Stud Love Doll

Life-like doll with an 8 inch penis 4-color face 1 love hole

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Tyler Knight Doll

Life-like doll with an 8 in. penis 1 love hole 4-color face

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John Blow Up Doll - Travel Size

Do not let his size fool you-Mini John is maximum man Just add air and he is your very own blow-up boy toy. perfect for bachelorette parties birthday parties group sessions and riding shotgun the carpool lane.

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Gladiator Love Doll

Finally a doll that will dominate your world! This Gladiator will conquer your heart and your body!

He will penetrate you with his 7" vibrating "Bigus Dickus," a Roman tongue that still lives and even vibrates, too! With an anal opening fit for an emperor, the Gladiator Doll is built to perform like a true Champion of the Arena.

It's always a big thumbs-up for this glorious Gladiator. He's all yours to cum-to-see-to conquer, or even to be conquered by!

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Cop - Inflatable Party Doll

Blow me up, Let me arrest you. I'm the Perfect Date… This inflatable sexy officer love doll comes with a large penis and (tight) anal hole. Toy Cop doll will fulfill all of your sexy desires. Whether he is in for a Fuckin’ or a Suckin’... he is the perfect date that's never late and he'll entertain you and all your friends!

• Includes Inflatable Doll
• Includes Anal Hole
• Includes Repair Patch
• Body Safe PVC

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Fireman - Inflatable Party Doll

All Fired Up? Well then Blow me up.. and we can start to Fuck! This inflatable Sexy Fireman love doll comes with a large penis and (tight) anal hole. Sexy Fireman Doll will fulfill all of your sexy desires. Whether he is in for a Fuckin’ or a Suckin’...he is the perfect date that's never late and he'll entertain you and all your friends!

• Includes Anal Hole for Extra Fun
• Includes Repair Patch
• Body Safe PVC

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Boy Toy Sex Doll

Blow me up, Toss me around, Take me out on the Town. I'm the Perfect Date.. I don't cost much.. I don't eat.. I don't talk, and I"ll entertain all your friends!

Includes anal hole for extra fun
Height 5' 2" / 160cm
Body Safe PVC
Includes Repair Kit

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Fuck Friends Love Doll - Rico Suave

If your ideal man has defined abs, a sexy firm ass, and a hard-on that just won't quit, then Rico is the man for you. This Studly sex doll will give you long passionate nights of soft intimate pleasure or “Rough Sex”…whichever you desire. With a 7 inch realistic penis, and a tight anal opening, this inflatable Stallion measures 59 inches from head to toe and is ready to “Cock” your world!

Rico’s sexy face with realistic eyes, along with a soft willing mouth, is made from a firm, flexible jelly rubber that's perfect for rimming and other penetrative play. His Hard Cock is the perfect size and is made from ultra-realistic material that will be sure to deliver every inch you need and desire!

Dildo is 7" long & 5.25" in girth
Penetrable Anus measuring 6.5" deep
Realistic contoured shape
Vibrating Dildo Function
Realistic feet and hands that wraps around you
USB warming stick Included
Free Repair Kit Included
Free Air Pump Included

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Big Joe Doll

Super size your erotic fantasies with the Big Joe Doll.

The exotic life-size inflatable doll is designed with your self-gratification to role-play desires in mind and promises an unforgettable mind-blowing time. The realistic, fully portable doll is contoured to satisfy all of your sensual and to deliver orgasmic ecstasy. Whenever you are in the mood for red-hot love action, this doll is your perfect ready and waiting playmate.

The masculine doll is made frm unscented, soft, and supple PVC. The mannequin face features a wide open mouth, giving you two super tight love holes. Includes a 7" (18 cm) removable dong with a suction cup. This inflatable lover is always ready for hard and fast stimulation and penetration action, and is great for first-time and experienced users alike.

Big Joe is the ideal companion for imagintive, sensual, and wild fantasy play. Bring your life-size playment to life with a universal hand pump. Once fully inflated, you can enjoy unlimited love pump action. Use your imagination and explore the doll's inviting anus. The removable suction cup dong is also suitable for independent stimulation and satisfaction.

Features & Benefits:
Two Super Tight Love Holes
Removable 7" Suction Cup Dong
Life-like Mannequin Face

For increased sensitivity during play, and extended pleasure always, use a quality lube with this inflatable toy.

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