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Bomb Masturbator Display

These uniquely rounded strokers are made from a super-stretchy material that snugly hugs and then extends, giving in and springing back with a tantalizing feel! Simply pour lubricant into the ball, slip inside and start stroking! You’ll love the way the material bounces up to greet you and surrounds you with supple yet firm pressure! Experience mind-blowing orgasms exactly when you want them and discover why these strokers are truly ‘da bomb!’

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Jack-Aide Medium Density 25ml Foil Packs - 144 Piece Fishbowl

Jack-aide medium from zero tolerance toys is the perfect masturbation accessory for the man who likes to masturbate with lube as opposed to those thick creams. Never sticky or tacky this lube will make masturbating more heavenly than it already is. With a feeling that is so close to silicone you will never want to stop touching yourself. It is made with a pharmaceutical grade vegetable based glycerin, not animal-based, which may cause infection. Not only is this lube great for masturbating but it rocks for having sex. Now you don’t have to worry about buying products for masturbation and for sex, you have it all in one.

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Screamingo Yoga - 6 Count Box - Red

Flex your way to sex-positive fitness with Yoga, a versatile vibrating ring designed to bend and stretch along with your every intimate move. This unique vibrating ring is with a special super-stretchy comfort fit that makes it easy to wear without tight constriction, making Yoga a great option for first-timers and beginner cock ring fans. Incorporate powerful vibration into your favorite sex positions and target stimulation specifically where it counts using the Warrior Control finger loop, which lets users adjust the Yoga’s motor without interrupting their flow. And if you’re not in need of modification, try wearing the Warrior Control loop as an additional cock ring to give him a very special vibrating boost! However you choose to enjoy it, the Yoga comes equipped with a new 100% waterproof high-performance motor that emits 40+ minutes of penetrating rumbling vibration for a more satisfying, especially enlightening experience — even underwater!

This high-performance sex toy for couples is made of flexible SEBS material with a vibrating motor encased in ABS plastic, two materials that have been lab tested to ensure a body-safe experience.

6 Count Box Counter Display

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New (12/10/2018)


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Zolo 360 Rotating Male Stimulator - Display - Free With Purchase

Buy 4 of X-ZO6014 and get a Display Tester FREE!

Brick & Mortar Stores Only

Testers are in bulk packaging and not for retail sale.

While Supplies Last

Contact your account manager for details

7 Rotating Functions
5 Speeds
Stimulating Nubs and Beads Provide A Pleasurable Experience
Grip Handle For 1-Handed Use
LED Indicator

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Bodywand Mini Neon Edition - 12 Pc Display

Bodywand Mini Massager Neon Edition includes 12 mini massagers: 3 neon pink, 3 neon green, 3 neon blue, and 3 neon purple.

Mini Massager Features:
- Deceptively Powerful, engineered for strong & continuous stimulation
- High quality material, soft-touch

- Battery operated (6 x LR44)
- Conveniently located dial, simple one finger control
- Flexible Neck
- Measures 4" long

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Wet Fun Flavors and Warming Testers and Countertop Display

1 Countertop Display
1 WET Fun Flavors and Warming Header Card
1 WET Fun Flavors Sexy Strawberry 3.0 oz Tester
1 WET Fun Flavors Popp'n Cherry 3.0 oz Tester
1 WET Fun Flavors Juicy Watermelon 3.0 oz Tester
1 WET Fun Flavors Passion Punch 3.0 oz Tester
3 WET Fun Flavors Sexy Strawberry 3.0 oz
3 WET Fun Flavors Popp'n Cherry 3.0 oz
3 WET Fun Flavors Juicy Watermelon 3.0 oz
3 WET Fun Flavors Passion Punch 3.0 oz
2 WET Fun Flavors Tropical Explosion 3.0 oz
2 WET Warming 3.0 oz

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Wet Elite Black and Wet Elite Femme Testers and Countertop Display

(1) Countertop Display
(1) WET Elite Black/Elite Femme Header Card
(1) WET Elite Black 3.0 oz Tester
(1) WET Elite Femme Silicone 3.0 oz Tester
(1) WET Elite Femme Water Silicone Blend 3.0 oz Tester
(1) WET Elite Water Based 3.0 oz Tester
(3) WET Elite Black 3.0 oz
(3) WET Elite Femme Silicone 3.0 oz
(4) WET Elite Femme Water Silicone Blend 3.0 oz
(3) WET Elite Water Based 3.0 oz
(3) WET Elite Femme Cool Tingle 3.0 oz

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Wet Flavored Countertop Display and Testers

(1) Countertop Display
(1) WET Flavored Header Card
(1) WET Flavored Sexy Strawberry 3.0 oz Tester
(1) WET Flavored Popp'n Cherry 3.0 oz Tester
(1) WET Flavored Juicy Watermelon 3.0 oz Tester
(1) WET Flavored Passion Punch 3.0 oz Tester
(4) WET Flavored Sexy Strawberry 3.0 oz
(3) WET Flavored Popp'n Cherry 3.0 oz
(3) WET Flavored Juicy Watermelon 3.0 oz
(3) WET Flavored Passion Punch 3.0 oz
(3) WET Flavored Tropical Explosion 3.0 oz

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Wet Desserts Countertop Display and Testers

(1) Countertop Display
(1) WET Desserts Header Card
(1) WET Desserts Salted Caramel 3.0 oz Tester
(1) WET Desserts Creme Brulee 3.0 oz Tester
(1) WET Desserts Whipped Cream 3.0 oz Tester
(1) WET Desserts Bananas Foster 3.0 oz Tester
(3) WET Desserts Creme Brulee 3.0 oz
(4) WET Desserts Salted Caramel 3.0 oz
(3) WET Desserts Whipped Cream 3.0 oz
(3) WET Desserts Bananas Foster 3.0 oz
(3) WET Frosted Cupcake 3.0 oz

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Wet Hemptation Testers and Counter Display

1 Countertop Display
1 WET Hemptation Header Card
4 WET Hemptation Testers 3.0 oz
16 WET Hemptation 3.0 oz

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Wet Uranus Countertop Display and Testers

(1) Countertop Display
(1) Wet Uranus Header Card
(4) Wet Uranus Testers 3.0 oz
(16) Wet Uranus 3.0 oz

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Wet Original Water Based Countertop Display and Testers

(1) Countertop Display
(1) Wet Original Water-Based Header Card
(4) Wet Original Water-Based Tester 3.0 oz
(16) Wet Original Water-Based 3.0 oz

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Wet Platinum Countertop Display and Testers

(1) WET Platinum Countertop Display
(1) WET Platinum Header Card
(4) WET Platinum Testers 3.0 oz
(16) WET Platinum 3.0 oz

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Wow Counter Top Display

Scientifically formulated to stimulate her most sensitive spot and heighten sexu al pleasure for her. This thick water-based gel provides deep penetrating, warmi ng and tingling sensations.

Intimate stimulation for arousal, like touching or rubbing, enhances the effecti veness of Wet wOw and with regular use, women have been known to scream "OMG WOW" and declare a love for her partner that will last until the end of tim e... or at least until the tingling sensation wears off. whichever comes first.

With a hint of peppermint and two vasodilators, Wet wOW is designed to stimulate the circulation of blood flow. This sensory combination can heighten her sexual pleasure and enhance intimacy.

Wet wOw is CONCENTRATED! We recommend using a small pearl-sized amount on and ar ound the clitoral hood. You will start to feel a cooling sensation within a few seconds. The tingling will begin within a few minutes and can last up to twenty minutes for the Gentle O and forty-five minutes for the Max O formula. Up to 75 applications per tube.

These water-based gels have a touch of silicone for an ultra slick, sensual expe rience. It is paraben and hormone free.

Display includes 4 of the wOw Gentle O and 4 of the wOw Max O plus 2 testers.

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Image for WT45806
Wet Synergy Countertop Display

Synergy Counter Top Display Includes: 4 Wet Synergy Basic (Adult) plus 1 tester. 4 Wet Synergy Basic + Cool Tingle (Adult) plus 1 tester. 4 Wet Synergy Basic + Warming (Adult) plus 1 tester. All are 3.3 oz.

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Wet Naturals and Organics Assorted 36 Pc. Bowl - 1 Fl. Oz./ 30ml Bottles

Wet Naturals and Wet Organics Counter Bowl 36 pc

Wet Naturals:
Intimacy should be natural. Formulated especially for women by women, Wet Naturals is glycerin-free, paraben-free, and enriched for your sensual well-being. This water-based formula is long-lasting, luxurious, and designed to enhance a woman's natural moisture. It is recommended for those with sensitive skin. Ultra-moisturizing, Wet Naturals will leave you soothingly silky and supple, even under water!

Gentle, clear and formulated to stimulate a woman's natural moisture, Wet Naturals lubricants are the go-to choice for those who are sensitive to irritation. They're free of sugars, glycerin, glycols, parabens, and gluten and these ultra-light formulas are hypoallergenic.

Wet Organics:
With organic quinoa, hemp, flax, green tea and oat extracts rich with vitamins and antioxidants, this lubricant formula rejuvenates your skin and your senses.

• pH Balanced
• Optimal Osmolality
• Tremella Fuciformis
• Sodium Hyaluronate
• Gluconolactone

Wet® Organics™ is a aloe-based formula compounded with high-grade extracts that moisturize, protect and rejuvenate your most intimate areas. It is latex friendly and rinses away easily with warm water. It will leave your skin feeling soft, never sticky. Wet® Organics™ can be used with most toys.

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Wet Hemptation - 36 Piece Bowl - 1 Fl. Oz./ 30ml Bottles

Give in to Hemptation. This all natural formula has an exclusive blend of extracts and botanicals that provides a silky, sensual sensation when applied to intimate areas. Smooth and sensual. All natural formula infused with Organic Hemp Extract. Safe for oral, anal or vaginal play. Latex condom compatible.

Paraben free.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Propanediol, Tremella Fuciformis Mushroom Extract, Gluconolactone, Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract, Linum Usitatissimum Linseed Seed Extract Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Avena Sativa Oat Kernel Extract, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid.

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Wet Synergy Hybrid Lubricant - 144 Pc Fishbowl - Assorted

A unique blend of water + silicone gives you LiquiSatisfaction. A soothing

Wet Synergy + formulas feature all of the benefits of Wet Synergy Basic with an added sensation. + Warming is great for a therapeutic massage, while + Cool Tingle has a fresh peppermint taste, scent, and a cool tingling sensatio n.

A soothing cushion of ultra-thick gel transforms into a silky layer of liquid lu brication. This hydrating formula delivers long-lasting moisture with the easy c lean-up of a water-based gel. It is recommended for use with toys and rigorous a ctivity. Now kosher!

Wet Synergy has a unique texture. It begins as a very thick gel with plenty of c ushion and it stays where you put it. It is not runny or messy. With friction, a nd once it mixes with the natural salts in your skin, it changes into a delightf ully slippery liquid.

Wet Synergy is 7X longer-lasting than any other Wet water-based products!
Wet Synergy contains a 10% solution of silicone so it gives the slippery sensati on of Wet Platinum with the easy clean-up of Wet Original.

Great for massage too!
If you are looking for a water-based massage product that lasts like an oil-base d product, Wet Synergy is a great choice. It is long-lasting and it doesn't get sticky like a typical water-based lubricant and it stays silky like your favori te massage oil without the residue.

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Image for WT35005
Wet Uranus Silicone Based - 36 Piece Bowl - 1 Fl. Oz./ 30ml Bottles

Wet Uranus anal lubricant is pure high grade silicone. It's never sticky and even wokrs under water!

Made in the US
Compatibale with latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane.

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Image for WT21562
Wet Desserts Crème Brulee - 3 Fl. Oz./ 89ml

Wet Desserts is a pure water-based lubricant.

Feels delicious!

Sugar Free

Made in the US

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Wet Elite Femme Assorted 1.0 fl.oz/30ml Counter Bowl 36 Pc

Enhance your intimacy with this long lasting lube for her! Light weight formula designed to emulate a woman's natural lubrication. Long lasting, silky glide for incredible pleasure and comfort! Water based lube with a touch of silicone. Non-staining, easily washes away with warm water.

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Image for WT20756
Wet Elite Black - 36 Piece Bowl - 1 Fl. Oz. Bottles

Wet Elite is a proprietary hybrid formula that supplements your natural moisture and enhances your intimacy. Water and silicone hybrid.
Made in the USA.

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Wet Platinum 144 Piece Bowl - 10 ml Pouches

Guaranteed never sticky, Wet Platinum premium silicone lubricant is Wet's longes t lasting formula. It never dries so it leaves your skin feeling soft and moistu rized.

This paraben-free formula is clear, odorless, non-sticky and latex safe. It is f ormulated with premium, high-grade silicone for ultimate performance. It's even doctor recommended as an over-the-counter solution for personal dryness and has been approved as an FDA 510(k) Medical Device, safe for use with all condom s.

Wet Platinum is not water-soluble so it may be enjoyed in the shower, tub, or sp a. Caution: extremely slippery. Clean spillls immediately and avoid using in hot tubs with silicone seals as the silicone may degrade the seals.

Wet Platinum contains no water so it will not evaporate like water-based formula s and silicones are made up of large molecules so they do not absorb into the sk in. Guaranteed never sticky - use it for skin conditioning or even for full body massage!

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Wet Original Lubricant Display - 144 Pc Fishbowl - 10 ml Pouches

For over 25 years, Wet Original Gel Lubricant has been a favorite for those who prefer a more viscous, gel-like lubricant. Doctor recommended, Wet Original is newly reformulated to stay wet even longer and provide long lasting lubrication that is always silky, never sticky. Now kosher!

Wet Original is odorless, colorless, greaseless, and latex friendly. It rinses away easily with warm water. You can also wipe it dry with a towel. This clear, gentle formula feels like silk on the skin with plenty of lasting power. It will not stain your sheets. Any spills will simply wash away when you launder as usual. Safe for use with all toys, too.

It will leave your skin feeling soft and supple, not sticky. Wet Original is made with only ehically-sourced, kosher-certified US Pharmacopeia grade palm glycerin. Paraben-free! Wet Original is made with Pentylene Glycol and Potassium Sorbate, which have low risk for irritation like the parabens found in other lubricants.

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Wet Original Water Based 36 Count Bowl - 1 Fl. Oz. Bottles

Wet Original is gentle, odorless, colorless, non-staining, doctor There are a variety of reasons a woman may choose to use a personal lubricant. Wet Personal Lubricants are doctor recommended. Made in the USA.

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Aqua Peppermint Cocoa Flavored Water-Based Intimate Lubricant - 12 Piece Display 2 Oz.

Take a big juicy bite. Kissable and delicious Aqua Peppermint Cocoa adds subtle natural flavors to enhance oral pleasures. Light and silky this water-based formula is the perfect sensual combination of an elegant lubricant and flavor sensation. Never sticky and without an aftertaste Aqua Peppermint Cocoa satisfies your sweet tooth and your intimate desires all in one amazing pleasure product. 12 pack display.

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Image for WS-90300D
Teasers - 12 Piece Display - Each Containing 10 Lubricant Packettes

3 Deliciously decadent flavored lubricants in individual pillow packs. Perfect for adventures on the move, each likable travel-sized packette is a mouth watering flavor sensation designed for pleasure and wellness at the core. The entire Wicked Sensual Care Collection is paraben-free and each unique flavor is sweetened with Stevia Extract to enhance flavor & leave no aftertaste.

This display contains 12 pieces each with 3 Candy Apple Flavor Packettes, 3 Mocha Java Flavor Packettes, 3 Salted Caramel Flavor Packettes, and 1 Toy Love gel lubricant for toys.

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Image for WS-90110D
Pleasers - 12 Piece Display - Each Containing 10 Lubricant Packettes

4 unique lubricant options in individual foil packettes. Rich and indulgent. Slick and long lasting. Each fragrance-free, travel-sized packette lets you experience the Wicked Sensual Care difference. These luxurious lubricants are designed for wellness and are sure to satisfy. Whether alone or with a partner, each option will heighten pleasure and intensify enjoyment.

This display contains 12 pieces each containing 3 Wicked Aqua fragrance-free water-based lubricants, 3 Ultra fragrance-free silicone lubricants, 2 Creme masturbation creams for men, and 2 Toy love glycerin free non-drip gel lubricants.

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Bam Mini Bullet - Assorted 12 Pc Display

bam mini packs one helluva punch with 10 supercharged vibration modes.

Sleek and sexy, this pint sized mini is extremely powerful, delivering intense mind blowing pleasure. Whisper quiet and completely submersible, this discrete mini vibrator is a must have for all.
Features & Benefits:
Silky smooth silicone body
Easy one-touch control button
Latex & phthalate free
USB charging cable included

12 Piece display, assorted colors.

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Image for VBUL-110D
Vooom Bullets - 20 Count Pop Box Display - Assorted Colors

Vooom! Bullets Deep, Rumbling Mini-Vibes Display includes 20 bullets in Grape, Tangerine, Strawberry, and Kiwi-Mint colors.

Enjoy powerfully deep sensations in a compact, on-the-go size with Vooom Bullets, the latest mini-vibe innovation from The Screaming O! Featuring a brand new low-frequency motor, Vooom Bullets buzz with a one-of-a-kind rumbling vibration you can feel from the inside and are encased in a 100% waterproof shell, making it easy to enjoy intensely stimulating sensations in the bath or shower!

- Mini vibe with new rumbling motor
- New motor for deeper vibration sensation
- Waterproof

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Image for TWO110D
Two-O - 12 Count Box

The Screaming O Two-O is a disposable vibrating cockring with two stimulating vibrating bullets, one on top and one on the bottom. The super stretchy ring slides over his shaft with the top vibrator positioned to touch her clitoris with every stroke and the bottom vibrator buzzes behind his testicles, giving c ouples something to scream about - together!

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Image for TS1091350
Penthouse Pop - a - Pet 10 Count P.O.P. Display

Advertises and displays Penthouse POP-a-PET collection. Features five re-usable strokers displayed at eye level. Each stroker includes a window at the top for easy view of detail. Holds a total of ten POP-a-PET strokers (2 rows, 5 strokers per row) Attracts customers' attention while conserving counter space and is easy to assemble.

Item Width: 2.45 in. (6.223 cm)
Item Height: 5.15 in. (13.1 cm)
Item Depth: 2.45 in (6.223 cm)

  • Availability: In Stock