Go deep and go long with the long lasting oral sex mints from Topco, Pipedream, Icon Brands and Hott Products.

New (06/05/2024)
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Condomints Spearmints Flavor Condoms Shaped Mints Display

12 Penis Shaped Mint containers great taste spearmint flavor

Want breath as fresh as winter snow? Try a Spearmint and you're "good to go!" Penis shaped breath mints.

• 12 penis shaped mint tins display
• Great taste
• Spearmint flavor

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Peckermints - Blister Card

Want breath as fresh as winter snow.. Try a Peckermint and you are good to go.

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Blow Job Mints

Willie Shaped Blow Job Mints


Ingredients: Sorbitol, Anti-caking agent: Magnesium Salts of Fatty Acids, Flavorings, Artificial Sweetener (Aspartame, Acesulfame K). Contains a source of Phenylalanine.

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X-Rated Mints - 100 Piece p.o.p Display - 3.1g Bags

X-rated mints. Perfect party favor! A great change-maker! Each carton contains (100) 3.1g bags of peppermint-flavored mint candy. There are approximately 3 pcs. of candy per bag.

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