Toy and Body Cleaner Wipes 25ct / 6ct Display Box

Designed for hygienic cleaning of toys and intimate areas. A powerful, yet gentle dermatologically-tested formula.

Swiss Navy Toy and Body Cleaner Wipes 6 count from MD Science. Safe on skin. Every day use. On the go for travel. Package features a peel and seal package. Size of wipe 5.75 inches by 2.75 inches. Clean is good. Swiss Navy Toy and Body Cleaner Wipes are better. Using an unclean toy is almost like unprotected sex. Without proper cleaning, a toy may become a breeding ground for things you do not want in your body. Using bleach or soap and water only goes so far. After toy play, wipe the toy with a complete coating of the cleaner. Wipe the toy with a clean cloth and rinse the toy with water. Air dry the toy for the next use. Swiss Navy Toy and Body Cleaner excels at cleaning toys when silicone lubricants have been applied. Additional information: ultimate cleansing. Easy to use. Excellent at cleaning toys after silicone lubricant use. With tea tree oil and lavender. Use on the go or every day. Safe for skin. Package of 25 cleaning wipes for you and your adult toys. Display of 6 packages. Keep out of reach of children. Made in the USA.

• Safe on skin
• Every day use
• Use on the go
• Tea tree oil and lavender
• Made in USA

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Alchemy Cleanse Rosewater Body Wipes 16 Ct Display

Sometimes you need a quick glow-up-on-the-go. That's why Alchemy Cleanse Premium Body Wipes. The elegant Rosewater or tropical Coconut scented options will keep you refreshed and always ready for showtime. Wipes larger than the competition, with all the best ingredients and make packaging discrete. Most importantly, Cleanse Wipes are hypoallergenic, soothe your skin and will give you the confidence of Adele in a singing contest.

• Flushable and biodegradable
• Refreshing scent and feel
• PH balanced alcohol free
• Soothes skin hypoallergenic

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