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Trouser Snake - One Size - Red

Novelty Trouser Snake bikini features elongated pouch with decorative snake googly eyes and open mouth with tongue and classic bikini sides and back.

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Squeaker Elephant G-String - One Size - Red

Get your junk in this trunk. This original novelty style has been a favorite since the 1970's. The elephant-styled g-string features floppy ears, googly eyes, and an elongated, trunk-style shaft with a functional squeaker that guarantees a good time and lots of laughs. If you're looking for a pair of funny mens underwear, this elephant thong is the perfect pair to keep your partner or best friend laughing. The perfect gift for a bachelor party, you can't go wrong with this elephant thong.

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Squeaker Elephant G-String - One Size - Black

Novelty Squeaker Elephant g-string features googly eyes and elephant ears in front pouch with elongated elephant truck shaft and functional squeaker g-string back and elastic waistband.

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Mr. Nose Bikini - One Size - Black

Novelty Mr. Nose bikini features googly eyes circular cutout on pouch and decorative mustache in front and classic bikini sides and back.

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Maid of Honor Party Sash

A sparkling addition to your Bachelorette or bridal party wardrobe that is sure to enhance your night for fun! You'll definitely be the center of attention with this 6 foot long party sash. Adjustable to fit most party goers. For additional fun, pin on candy or flowers.This will be an occasion that you'll never forget.

Safety pin included.

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Get Me Drunk! Sash

A black sash which reads, "GET ME DRUNK!" in blue lettering. Great for birthday, bachelor bachelorette parties, retirement or divorce parties. Great for any event where you want the guest of honor to receive plenty of drinks. One size fits most.

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Rainbow Mens Thong

Wear your pride proud & loud and make a bold fashion statement in "colorful" style with the Rainbow Pecker Men's Thong!

With a snug and comfy fit, the colorful stripes will make you stand out during your next playful encounter!

• Length: 6" (15.24 cm)
• Width: 2" (5.08 cm)

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Bride to Be Garter - Pink

Pink Bride to Be garter with black lace.

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