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Comfortably Numb Oral Sex Mints - Spearmint

Comfortably Numb is a flavored desensitizing mint specially formulated to reduce the discomfort associated with oral sex. The refreshing mint contains a mild numbing agent that coats the back of the the throat, helping to suppress the gag reflex and prevent discomfort during oral sex.

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Peckermints - Blister Card

Want breath as fresh as winter snow.. Try a Peckermint and you are good to go.

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On the Go Blow Sex Numbing Mints - 24 Piece Combo Display

Bring oral play to a whole new level with On the GO Blo numbing mints. These tasty mints not only bring an erotic sensation to your mouth but also create a stimulating sensation for your partner as well that will have you both experiencing an erotic wave of stimulating euphoria. Cinnamon and strawberry flavor mints.

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