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Brat Paddle - Black / Rose Gold

Have you been bad? Provoke them to leave their mark with the Brat Paddle, designed to imprint the word “BRAT” with delicious thuddy impact. Before you know it, you’ll be begging for another spanking.

• Multiple layers of high-quality, faux leather for added impact
• Wrist loop for a quick grip or easy display
• Color: rose gold / black
• Material: polyester / polyurethane

• Length: 4" (10.16 cm)

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Sex and Mischief Xoxo Paddle - Pink

Soft vinyl patterned Impressions paddle.

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12 Inch Leather Impression Paddle - Baby

Black vinyl paddle with BABY design. 12 inch handle allows for more power behind the spanking. Wrist strap keeps paddle in place. BABY text is backwards for proper display on your skin. Leaves a great impression on your partner. Black on red.

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12 Inch Leather Impression Paddle - Slut

These high quality, hand-stitched tanned leather slappers leave a great impressi on. Called slappers because of the great sounds they make on your partners backside, these paddles will certainly help you leave your mark.

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12 Inch Leather Impression Paddle - Heart

These high quality, hand-stitched tanned leather slappers leave a great impressi on. Called slappers because of the great sounds they make on your partners backside, these paddles will certainly help you leave your loving mark.

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Sex and Mischief Heart Impression Paddle

Feel the love with the Sex & Mischief Heart Crop. With the heart cut-out, you're sure to leave your love note on your partner's skin. The black wand is complete with a black wrist strap. Hardware is nickel-free.

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Sincerely Amber Spanker

Drown in the delicious delights of impact play with the Amber Spanker, fashioned with gold and tortoiseshell inspired layers for a lip-biting, toe-curling experience. Handle includes a spring steel center for a rigid and durable grip.

• Golden grommet and leash for convenient storage
• Multiple layers for added intensity
• Constructed with malleable yet durable material
• Phthalate free
• Material: 50% PU, 35% PVC, 10% microfiber, 5% iron

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Bow Tie Acrylic Paddle - Black

Some parties have strict rules. Use the onyx black Bow Tie Paddle to remind your date that if they break the rules, they will be punished. Sleek and sultry, this paddle is deceiving. One small slap will deliver quite the sting. This paddle will leave your date begging to be invited back. Aren't you the host with the most?

• Promotes accessibility
• For all experience levels
• Faux Leather
• Hand wash
• In the box: 1 Acrylic Paddle & Strap

• 92% acrylic, 8% nylon

• Acrylic Paddle Length: 13.5" (34.3 cm)
• Width: 2.2" (5.6 cm)

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Saffron Studded Spanker

When variety is a must, the Saffron Studded Spanker is the perfect versatile tool.

This spanker’s slim faux leather impact surface, part studded, part smooth, gives players the choice to dial down the intensity and only slap and tap with the smooth end, or take it to new highs and strike including the studded area.

The Saffron Studded Spanker’s split-seam construction adds sound to the excitement, with the firm handle partially reinforcing each punishing and pleasurable slap. The nickel-free studs add weight and heft to every swing.

A generously-sized faux leather loop at the base of the spiral-wrapped handle makes this spanker easy to store on a wall or pegboard when you’re finished playing (or just warming up). Mix and match with other Saffron collection products for even more forbidden fun!

• Partially Studded Impact Surface
• Nickel-Free Metal Details
• Loop for Easy Hanging Storage
• Vegan/Vegetarian-Friendly Faux Leather
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Materials: PU Leather, ABS, Nickel-Free Metal

One Flogger 17.75" (45.08cm) total length; 7" (17.78cm) impact surface, 10.75" (27.3cm) handle and loop

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Saffron Acrylic Spanker

The Saffron Acrylic Spanker features an impact surface with 13 die-cut holes that reduce air resistance for a faster swing and harder hits. The holes also make a unique impression on the skin, leaving behind a delicious polka dot pattern.

This pleasure tool’s smooth, vinyl handle is easy and comfortable to grip through even the wildest spanking sessions. Its speed-enhanced 4mm acrylic end packs an exceptionally satisfying sting.

A nylon loop at the base of the smooth PVC handle makes this spanker easy to store on a wall or pegboard when you’re finished playing (or just warming up). Mix and match with other Saffron collection products for even more forbidden fun!

• Die Cut Holes for Greater Intensity
• 4mm Thick Acrylic Impact Surface
• Loop for Easy Hanging Storage
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
Materials: 65% Acrylic, 20% phthalate free PVC, 15% Nylon

One Spanker 13" (33.02cm) total length; 8" (20.32cm) impact surface, 5" (12.7cm) handle and loop

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Saffron Ping Pong Paddle

Have you got a wild one on your hands? Deliver a sensual swat to correct their behavior. This handy crimson paddle offers sadists and Doms a beautifully-crafted tool with which to discipline their plaything. A soft vegan leather exterior means that the lead up to each impact can be delicate and demure, soft upon the flesh. Incite the perfect contrasting sensation with every stinging smack. Its convenient size means it can be wielded with speed and agility by any experience level.

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Saffron Layer Paddle

Which is worse, its bark or its bite? Three layers of vegan leather create a dramatic sound upon impact, with each slap arousing a red hue upon your plaything's flesh. Encourage them towards "subspace" as you take control of their pain and pleasure with this impressive impact play tool. Romance them deeper into an appreciation of their powerful and merciful sadist. Your partner will be reminded by every resonating smack that you can always do worse to them....

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Saffron Square Paddle

This instrument of pleasure and pain will be a friend and foe to your masochist's backside. Can you match the exquisite color? This rigid, red square paddle is an elegant addition to your boudoir arsenal, putting the power of punishment into your hands. Bound in soft, smooth vegan leather that soothes with every caress, it also serves to slap and smack with just enough intensity to make the mercury rise in your bedroom scene.

Wrist loop on handle adds security during use, and a hanging point for storage

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Love Me Gentle

Begin your journey into sensory delight with this sexy set. The Love Me Gentle bondage kit will provide tools and tips to ensure that maximum pleasure is derived from your experience. This Love Me Gentle bondage kit provides a thrilling initiation into the world of BDSM and sensory play. Wherever you may be in your exploration, you will derive the most pleasure with what's inside.

Begin your gentle journey into BDSM with the Love Me Gentle Kit. Use the blindfold, silk restraints, and paddle to discover the delicious delights of sensory play. The blindfold and silk restraints offer soft submission for beginners and experts alike while the acrylic heart paddle strikes with a sensual sting that will leave your partner begging for more.

• Blindfold
• Sash Restraints
• Acrylic Paddle
• Materials: 100% - 45% polyester, 40% polyurethane, 15% elastic, 100% acrylic

• Blindfold, total length 21" (53.3 cm), Mask width 3" (7.6 cm), Mask length 7" (17.8 cm)
• Sash Restraints length 48" (122 cm) width 2" (5.1 cm)
• Acrylic Paddle height 10" (25.4 cm) width 6.5" (16.5 cm)

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Swift Spanker - Black

Seize control and ignite fresh excitement with the beguiling sensations and endearing smacks of the Swift Spanker. Perforated with holes scattered across the split tipped edge for reduced resistance and a satisfying smack strong enough to leave dotted patterns across the body. Use it to enact the perfect punishments or for pleasurable pats with swift accuracy to keep your partner on edge with anticipation.

• 11.5" (29.21 cm) long paddle with looped handle
• Perforated for less air resistance with each swing
• Split tip faux leather spanker
• Material: 90% PU, 5% iron alloy, 5% polyester

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Sex and Mischief Xoxo Paddle - Black

This black vinyl paddle features a red cheeky XOXO design that leaves a sexy impression on your partner.

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New (06/17/2024)
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Peaches ‘N Creame Paddle - Pink

Get ready to add a fruity twist to your playful spanks with the peaches ‘n creame peach paddle! This petite yet powerful paddle is designed for a delightful mix of playful fun and saucy sensations. Crafted with faux leather and adorned with adorable peach-shaped cutouts, it's as charming as it is effective. The split tips offer a satisfying smack, while the peachy cutouts add a touch of whimsy with every swat at your partner’s peach. Perfectly sized for a teasing tap or a firmer spank, the peaches ‘n creame peach paddle is the ultimate accessory for a silly and flirty impact scene!

• 12.5” (31.75 cm) long paddle with peach cut outs
• Faux leather split tip design
• Attached wrist strap for added stability

• Length: 11.8" (30 cm)
• Width: 2.13" (5.41 cm)

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Amor Loop Paddle - Red

Bring a touch of uniquely tantalizing smacks in a lovingly sensual experience.

• Material: 70% PU, 20% recycled leather, 5% fiberglass, 5% polyester
• Length: 14" (36 cm)

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Amor Paddle - Red

Sparks will fly with the Amor Paddle, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Tease your partner gently with the soft and fuzzy side or put them in their place with the rigid side. Put the power of punishment in your hands and discover your deepest desires.

• Made for easy travel with a convenient compact size
• Supple faux leather adds durability and luxury
• Material: 70% PU, 20% polyester, 10% fiberglass
• Handy wrist loop for an easy grip

• Length: 11.8" (30 cm)

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Sex and Mischief Enchanted Feather Tickler - Burgundy

Tickle, tease and tempt their flesh towards desperate arousal. Caress every curve into complacency...then spank it into submission with this devious dual-action Enchanted Feather Tickler. Your lover will be begging for your touch as the delicate feathers and stinging silicone threads take them to the edge. The perfect balance of soft and striking, this implement of delight plays well with your favorite lingerie or a set of cuffs - and even comes complete with a guide of playful activities to tickle your partners fancy with.

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Sex and Mischief Heart Paddle

With a flick of the wrist, create spanks that deliver audible impact without too much force. Great for beginners who love the spanking sound but are not ready to give or receive a full-fledged spanking. Paddle has a split head and leaves heart impressions behind. Come with a wrist loop for a confident grip.

12.5" Paddle, 2.5" wide.


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Sex and Mischief Shadow Heart Paddle

Heighten impact play and leave a mark of your heart with the Shadow Heart Paddle. You won’t have to worry about losing your grip with the sturdy handle and wrist strap making this paddle is easy to wear and ready to use when your partner needs to be dominated. Leave soft love swats all over your sub’s body, warming them up for you to show them the full force of what this heart-shaped paddle can do. Sharpen their senses by depriving your partner sight by sliding a blindfold over their eyes while you stroke the paddle across their body to intensify sensation play.

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Sex and Mischief Enchanted Heart Paddle

Want to be sweet yet sassy? The Enchanted Heart paddles is the convenient 2-sided paddle for whatever mood you may be in. One side is covered in vegan burgundy fur and the other side is a flat and velvety faux leather.

10.25" Paddle
6.25" Wide


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Sex and Mischief Studded Paddle - Black

The smooth side can be used as a traditional slapper and the studded side for a more intense result. For added sensations place the paddle in the freezer and invent your own sex and mischief.

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Brat Crop - Rose Gold

Swift and striking sensations for precise punishment.

Take command and show your brat who's in charge with the Brat Crop! Ramp up your play with subtle taps, playing with sensations across their body with the split tipped rose gold vegan leather before inflicting an intense smack with a satisfying snap. Perfectly crafted to extend your reach for sensual impact play in a stylish and captivating display of dominance.

• Stunning rose gold finish
• 6.5" (16.51 cm) split vegan leather tip
• 18.5" (46.99 cm) shaft with rubberized handle for easy grip
• Material: 60% PVC, 20% glass fiber, 10% zinc alloy, 10% polyester

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Scandal Round Double Paddle

For the nights you're feeling extra naughty, indulge in the indulgent taps of the Scandal Round Double Paddle. Effortlessly plant stinging taps on your submissive with the plush dual layer paddle and sturdy handle. Punishment and pleasure go hand in hand with the dual paddle with an edgy leatherette interior and silky brocade exterior. The sub in your love will love each stinging spank of this sturdy double stitched paddle and obey your every command as the dual paddle delivers powerful clapping slaps.
The plush paddle is designed for both beginners and experienced erotic lovers to try out gentle taps for anyone looking to explore or plant breathtaking slaps that experienced fetishists crave. Unleash naughty desires and enjoy an evening of uninhibited pleasure play.

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Nocturnal Collection Paddle - Black


Discover the exhilarating blend of pain and pleasure with the Nocturnal Collection Paddle, an essential tool for those who seek to intensify their sensory experiences. This paddle is meticulously crafted to deliver a satisfying impact, making it a perfect addition for both light and intense play.

The paddle features a sturdy, double-stitched design, ensuring it withstands all levels of play. Its balanced weight and ergonomic handle provide a comfortable grip, allowing for precise and controlled strikes that resonate with every impact.

A convenient strap is included for ease of use and added control during play, making the paddle both practical and versatile. Whether you're a novice exploring the realms of impact play or a seasoned enthusiast, the Nocturnal Collection Paddle is an instrument of discipline that allows partners to explore their boundaries and deepen their trust.

• Sturdy, double stitched paddle
• Convenient strap
• Phthalate free

• 12.5" x 2.25" (31.75 cm x 5.75 cm)

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Fetish Fantasy Series Rubber Paddle - Black

One crack of this Fantasy Rubber Paddle and your lover will know who is in charge. This bendable rubber paddle is soft enough for beginners to enjoy but stiff enough to still provide a firm whack. It hurts so good.

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Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone Paddle - Black

Just one touch of this super-silky silicone paddle and you will be begging to get spanked. The flexible silicone paddle is covered with raised diamond exciters on one side delivering a soft but serious sensation to your subs most sensitive areas. Flip the paddle over and tease your subject with the velvet-soft feel of Elite medical-grade silicone. The premium silicone materials is phthlate free body safe ultra-hygienic and sturdy enough for any level of fetish enthusiast. The Elite silicone paddle can be boiled to sterilize or placed in the dishwasher for easy hands-free cleaning.

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Cosmo Bondage - Paddle - Rainbow

Light up the night with Cosmo's holographic Paddle. Accented with Rose Gold nickle free hardware and fully adjustable for universal fit. Made from easy to clean Vinyl.

• Length: 11.77 (29.89 cm)

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Spectra Bondage - Paddle - Rainbow

Add visual excitement to your BDSM play with Spectra Bondage collection. Made of supperior man made materials and couture designed hardware, these restraints will bring color and excitement to your playground.

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Electra Play Things - Paddle - Green

Wrap it, tie it, make it look so sexy. With Electra Play Things from NS Novelties, looking good and feeling amazing goes hand in hand. The Electra collection is made of synthetic materials, is easy to clean and neoprene lined for a comfortable experience.

Store in a cool dry temperature controlled environment

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