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Super Strap - King Size Super Sheet

Versatile king size shiny vinyl sheet cover. Throw sheet over chairs couches floors etc.

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The Sex Sheet King Size Fitted Rubber Bed Sheet

Dare to try something different with this slick and shiny rubber bed sheet from the Master Series. This dark and sexy sheet fits perfectly over your king size bed with its fitted corners. Just slip it on, climb on top, and the rest is up to you. With its waterproof design, you can get as wet as you want. The grease, liquid, sweat, and lube proof material lets you make a mess while keeping your bed protected and clean.

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Bondage Bed Sheet Set - Queen Size

The Original Bondage Bed Sheets has revolutionized bedroom bondage play. You are only as tied up as you want to be with this set that includes ultra soft, Velcr o compatible machine washable sheet, 4 Velcro Anchor pads that adhere to anywher e on the sheet, and 4 Sports Cuffs that secure around wrists or ankles and clip to the Anchor Pads. Move your partner and the pads quickly and easily into new positions. Instructional DVD included. Fits Full and Queen mattresses.

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Bondage Bed Sheet Set - King Size

The Original Bondage Bed Sheets has revolutionized bedroom bondage play. Its a fitted velvet-like Velcro compatible bedcover with 4-easy to place anchor pads. Attach any cuffs to an arm or leg which then quickly attaches to an Anchor Pad on the bed sheet. Change your bedroom into a bondage fantasy playground.

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