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Fire Cup

Playing with fire has never been so satisfying. The warmest sex you will ever have The Fire Zolo Cup offers an arousing warming sensation and uniquely textured channel that works enticing friction for a realistic red-hot sexual experience. The Fire Zolo Cup is ergonomically designed to provide the perfect grip to reach your climax and suction control with the simple touch of your fingertip.

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Zolo Heatstroke

The ZOLO Heatstroke is a male masturbator with a warming function that uses patented pulsating technology to provide a truly unique experience. The LED display keeps you updated on exactly what is happening, with warming mode, battery level and vibration pattern indicators, and a stroke counter great for endurance training and play. The included travel bag makes sure you can take your Heatstroke anywhere!

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Zolo Warming Dome Pulsating Male Stimulator With Warming Function

Powerful oral sex stimulation of head + frenulum
6 Vibration modes
3 Intensify levels
Warming function for a more realistic feeling
Egonomic easy grip non-slip finishing
Rechargeable and waterproof.
Shower friendly

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Hotrod Warming Vibrating Masturbator - Black

Hotrod Warming Vibrating Masturbator revs its super charged dual motors so you can speed up and down your expressway with 10 vibration modes and 6 intensity levels. This unique stroker lends its sleek design to that of a sports car with a velvety smooth silicone body. And, if it ever gets a bit cold, just turn up the heat with the warming function button. Plus, it's completely submersible so you can take hotrod for a leisurely drive, down the speedway or wherever you decide to float your boat. Speed away big guy.

• Extremely powerful dual motors
• Textured area
• Easy control buttons
• Rechargeable USB cable included
• 10 stimulation modes
• 6 intensity levels

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Cyberskin Virtual Sex Ultra Perfect Woman Realistic Erotic Plaything - Dark

The ultimate erotic plaything this is the most realistic life size toy available. Amazing one of kind Cyberskin material feels soft just like along her delicate collar bone and down to her voluptuous breasts. Caress her soft pink nipples run your hand down to her curvy waist. Grab her hips and pull her close feel her hot swollen pussy against your hard cock. Tease her soft pussy lips slide a finger inside and feel the thick-ribbed tunnel begging for you. Bury your face in her huge tits lick her perky nipples. Slide your finger into her tight ass and imaginethe thick-ribbed tunnel gripping your throbbing click. Warm her to a life-like temperature in 10 minutes with the included warming wands. 6x vibrating bullet makes her vibrate and pulsate until you explode. Each pattern of vibration is available in 6 speeds customize the vibration to your needs. The U-shaped inner tunnel makes her easy to clean. Made of an IsoFoam core covered in supple Cyberskin she weighs only 11 lbs.

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Cyberskin Virtual Sex Ultra Perfect Woman - Light

The ultimate erotic plaything this is the most realistic life size toy available!
• CyberSkin mateiral feels just like real skin
• Realistic body: collarbone, perky breasts, tiny waist and hips
• Pussy features thick-ribbed tunnel
• Tight ass features thick-ribbed tunnel
• Includes 6x vibrating bullet
• U-shaped inner tunnel for easy cleaning
• 11 lb. IsoFoam core covered in soft CyberSkin
• Included warming wands brings her to a lifelike temperature in 10 minutes
• Splashproof
• Phthalate free
• CyberSkin
• 3-AAA batteries (not included)

Length: 25" (63.5 cm)
Width: 13" (33.02 cm)

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Get Lucky Score Pro Sport 7

• 7 Vibration patterns
• Warming feauture: temperature range 98.6 degrees fahrenheit - 104 degrees fahrenheit
• Heating and vibration functions operate independently or together
• USB magnetic charger

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Get Lucky Score Pro Sport 10

• Suction
• Vibrating
• Warming
• 3 Suction modes
• 7 Vibration patterns
• Warming feauture: temperature range 98.6 degrees fahrenheit - 104 degrees fahrenheit

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Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration

The Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration features an innovative heat function that makes your pleasure breathtakingly realistic. You can adjust the heat function using 3 levels up to 40 degrees Celsius and let the comforting warmth in the soft and smooth love funnel drive you absolutely crazy. If you close your eyes in pleasure-filled ecstasy and you let yourself drift to the peak of pleasure, you'll forget in a flash that you got here with a toy! Don't believe it? Then try it out!

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Main Squeeze - Girls of Social Media - ana.lorde - Ultraskyn Stroker - Pussy

Instagram model @ana.lorde’s sexy tattoos and killer curves have earned her a spot in the Main Squeeze lineup with a variable pressure hard-case stroker molded directly from her body. Handcrafted in lifelike ULTRASKYN, the @ana.lorde Main Squeeze features a tight, textured interior that warms to the touch and feels just like the real thing. She may have over 1.5 million followers (and counting!) but tonight she’s all yours.
Each ULTRASKYN sleeve features a different textured interior, making your experience as unique as each of our sexy Main Squeeze girls. The double-cap hardshell design doubles as a discreet travel and storage case, keeping your Main Squeeze fresh and ready for whenever you want to slide into her.

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Main Squeeze -Warming Accessory

Warm up to your main Squeeze even more woth this propietary warming wand, created to enhance the pleasure of our popular Main Squeeze line of hard-case variable pressure masturbators.

Conveniently plugs into any USB device or charger port to power it on. Heats the interior to 98 degrees fahrenheit in just 8 minutes.

Slim design wont alter shape, texture or tightness of your product.

Phthalate-free and body safe.

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Optimale - Silicone Auto-Heating Stroker - Rechargebale - Vibrating - Black/slate

An outer shell of sturdy hard plastic encases a powerful vibrator with 10 unique modes to send stimulation skyrocketing, while a luxurious interior lined with dual density SECONDSKYN™, an enticingly soft, flexible silicone that conducts warmth and molds to your touch, strokes your shaft. Individual buttons operate the vibrating and warming features, giving you the power to combine and time the stroker’s stimulating modes to perfectly pleasure you. The OptiMALE™ Silicone Warming Stroker heats to body temperature in just five minutes, and is fully rechargeable via the included USB charging cable.

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Cyberskin Virtual Sex Ultra Cock and Ass - Warming and Vibrating

CyberSkin with Virtual Touch technology. Dual Density combines the feel of soft skin over an erect inner shaft. Self-heating design warms in 10 minutes. Top of the line technology and texture combine to make this cock and ass feel amazingly real. Multi-speed bullet provides varying speeds of intense vibration. Self-heating design brings him to a life-like temperature in just 10 minutes. EZ Bend design lets you move his 7-inch Cyber Cock right where you need it. 9.5 lb. CyberSkin covered IsoFoam core makes him light and easy to maneuver but still heavy enough to feel real. Ladies take charge and ride him on top his hips feel like the real thing as they roll under you or lay back and take it missionary style. Gents ride him doggy style or sit him on your lap his three dimensional construction makes him feel just like the real thing . 2-inch girth realistic squeezable balls and painted detail simulate a real man perfectly. His tight ass and ribbed canal cavity feel unbelievably real. Fondle his hand painted cock and squeeze his soft ass cheeks as you have your way with him. His Dual Density inner thighs and balls feel like the real thing as you slam against them over and over.

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Quickshot Sleeve Warmer

Fleshlight has made its #1 selling male sex toys even hotter – literally! The Quickshot SleeveWarmer upgrade device warms the SuperSkin sleeve of your Quickshot toy to a sensual temperature that even further mimics the feel of a real-life sexual experience.

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Universal Sleeve Warmer

Fleshlight has made its #1 selling male sex toys even hotter – literally! The Sleeve Warmer™ upgrade device warms your SuperSkin sleeve to a sensual temperature that even further mimics the feel of a real-life sexual experience.

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Falcon Ninja Heating & Vibrating Simulator - Black

With six speeds of vibration and even a heating function, there's never been a "head-polisher" like it. Enclosed in a diamond-like case, it's supple silicone mouth-like interior has all the feel, movement and warmth of the real thing...It's the first of it's kind in a mastorbator. Ninja, in the sexy, black, faceted sheath. Just waiting for your sword..

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