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Trojan Sensitivity Bareskin Lubricated Condoms - 10 Pack

Trojan Sensitivity Bareskin Lubricated Condoms are specifically designed to help you feel close and get closer!

Made from premium quality latex to help reduce risk of pregnancy and STI's, these condoms are 40% thinner than standard Trojan condoms. Lubricated for extra comfort and sensitivity.

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Trojan Studded Bareskin - 10 Pack

Trojan Studded Bareskin Condoms - Experience the best of both worlds - thin for ultimate sensitivity plus studs for maximum stimulation.

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Trojan Magnum Bareskin - 10 Pack

Magnum BareSkin Condoms are designed to provide heightened sensitivity and comfort.

The wider, contoured shape provides added comfort while the tapered base gives a secure fit. The silky-smooth lubricant aids comfort and sensitivity.

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Trojan Magnum Ecstasy Ultrasmooth - 10 Pack

Magnum Ecstasy Lubricated Condoms feature a revolutionary design that lets you feel the pleasure, not the condom! The comfort shape allows freedom of movement for a more natural experience. Larger than standard latex condoms for extra comfort. Tapered at the base for a secure fit. Ultrasmooth Premium Lubricant inside and out for a more natural feel.

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Trojan Nirvana - 10 Pack Assorted Lubricated Latex Condoms

Featuring original artwork by Ari Lankin, best known for his lively paintings and innovative collaborations. A constant interaction between process, experiementation, and material propel his passion for making art.

"My paintings are spontaneous - discovery keeps it exciting. The energy around me for the Trojan painting was absolutely electric. It was a giant celebration of color inspired by the joy of painting and sexuality. It doesn't get much better than that. I teamed up with Trojan because of our mutual dedication to finding pleasure with my partner. In both realms, safe practices and good communications are essential and enable experimentation and discovery. I they are out having fun. I want them happy and healthy for a long time."

- Ari Lankin

This 10 Pack Assortment Includes:
Real... smooth, comfortable pleasure
Bold... stimulating textures
Amplified... a wild ride with intense sensations
Breathless... uninterrupted pleasure

NCSD As an official partner of the National Coalition of STD Directors, 1 million Trojan condoms are donated annually to support public health.

*While using Amplified condoms, both partners may experience sensations of warming, heat, cooling, and/or tingling. If irritation or discomfort occurs, discontinue use.

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Lifestyles Ultra Thin - 10 Pack

LifeStyles Thyn with UltraGlide are 21% thinner than the standard LifeStyles condom, and they still have the popular flared shape.

The next-to-nothing feel is enhanced by a specially formulated lubricant that won't dry out to provide maximum pleasure. The reservoir tip offers extra safety and comfort.

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