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Candy Condom Pop - Strawberry

Condom Shaped Shaped Strawberry Flavored Candy Lollipop.
Great Taste / Fun Party Favor

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Bachelorette Pecker Party Pink Candles 5pk

Light up your night or any wild bachelorette party with these fun pink pecker party candles! Have more fun than you can handle with these pink pecker candles! 5 pack.

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Bachelorette Pecker Bat & Balls Pinata

Take your next wild party event to the EXTREME with the “PECKER PARTY BAT & PINATA". This cute pecker shaped bat with ball bag pinata will have your party guests “Hootin & Howlin” with crazy excitement while they try and smash open the “BALL BAG” Pinata to get to the fun party gifts you have inside.

• Complete with 26" Bat
• 1 "Ball Sack" Pinata, Easy to hang

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Bachelorette Ball Bag Pinata

Take your next wild party event to the EXTREME with the "Ball Bag" Pecker Party Pinata! This cute shaped Ball Bag Pinata will have your party guests "Hootin & Howlin" with crazy excitement while they try and smash the balls open to get the fun party gifts you have loaded up inside. Easy open top allows you to stash your favorite party supplies like candy/ confetti or any small fun novelties you wish to fill it with!

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Bachelorette Pecker Popsicle Ice Tray

Add a "cool" new twist to your next party event with the Pecker Popsicle! Suck on this cool cock and see how far you can suck & swallow your way down the shaft and you will have your party guests hooting and howling all night long! Freezer safe, medical grade PVC plastic. Easy twist function to pop out Ice Pecker Pops. 1 tray makes 2 popsicles.

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Diamond Confetti

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend, and with that in mind this fun play time Mylar Diamond shape confetti is sure to add a bit of "Class" to your next fun party event with the girls.. and will treat your party guests to a little Diamond party fun of their own to take home!

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Diamond Party Flask

Now you can "party with class" with the Diamond Party Flask! Holds 12 oz. of your favorite spirits and easily conceals inside your purse! Hold your personal liquor stash in the Diamond Party Flask! Party time fun when you are out on the run!

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Bachelorette Party Pecker Party Confetti Gun

Make your next party a real "Blast" as you Blast out a steady stream or Pecker Party Confetti... with the Pecker Party Confetti Gun! Shiny Mylar Pecker Confetti will rain down in a hail or Pecker Confetti fun!

6 pack mini "bullet style" snap in cartridges included.

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X-Rated Candies With Assorted Sayings - Each

X-Rated and multi-flavored round candies in assorted colors with text.

Sayings Include: Let's Fuck, Blow Me, Fuck Off, Big Dick, Ass Hole, Eat Pussy, Doggy Style, and Nice Tits

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Pink Pecker Light-Up Flower Necklace

Pink flower necklace with peckers attached. Light up your night with flashing pink pecker lights.

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Light Up Rainbow Pecker Shot Glass

Get your wild party fun on with the Rainbow 'Light Up' Pecker shot glass! Adorned in vibrant rainbow stripe colors, this Light Up Rainbow stripe party glass has a lot of sass!... and will really make a bold statement at your next fun event! Convenient hang string for quick easy access. Pecker lights up to a multicolor show. Batteries included. Gives a whole new meaning to "BOTTOMS UP!"

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Pecker Balloons Flesh Color 6 Pc Box

Now you can really "Blow Up" your party fun with the Pecker Party Balloons! These hilarious Pecker shaped balloons really have what it takes to make your party the center of attention at any wild party adventure!

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Pecker Balloons Assorted Colors 6 Pc Box

Now you can really "Blow Up" your party fun with the Pecker Party Balloons! These hilarious Pecker shaped balloons really have what it takes to make your party the center of attention at any wild party adventure!

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Jumbo Mylar Pecker Party Confetti

Jumbo size. Assorted reflective mylar colors! Special metallic glitter peckers!

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Pink Pecker Party Ring Toss

Liven up any party with the Pecker Party Ring Toss game! Just stick the pecker onto any flat surface and stand back and toss the colored rings to see who can get the most rings onto this cute erect little pecker! Perfect for drinks/strip tease/ dares or whatever wild adventures your mind can conjure up! Pecker Party Ring Toss will surely bring any drab party to life in short order.

• Suction cup base for easy stick onto multiple surfaces!
• Assorted rings for multiple person play!
• Sturdy PVC plastic design!

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Pink Pecker Pary Squirt Gun

12 Ft load super shot range, 6 oz capacity. Reqlistic big ball grip handle. For extra fun, fill with your favorite "Cock" tail and squirt in your friend's mouth!

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Pecker Bites

These strawberry-flavored erotic edibles are sweet to eat and make great party favors! 16 pcs per bag.

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Bachelorette Party Diamond Banner

Give your next Bachelorette Party a bit more class with the new Diamond Shaped Bachelorette Party Banner. DIAMONDS set the background to each letter in a high class fashion to really drive home the point of what all girls really want...A BIG ROCK. So make them smile while you party in style.

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Light Up Diamond Shot Glass

Liven up your night with the Light Up Diamond Shot Glass. Flashing diamond lights flash on and off in bright multi colors.

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Liquored Up - Strawberry Daiquiri

Lick it up or suck it up with this great tasting Pecker Pop.

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Liquored Up - Bahama Mama

Lick it up or suck it up with this great tasting Pecker Pop.

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Liquored Up - Mai Tai

Lick it up or suck it up with this great tasting Pecker Pop.

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Light Up Jumbo Pecker Cup

Really Light Up the night or any fun party event with the Big Jumbo Pecker Cup. Flashes a multitude of bright colors to really go wild. Great for bachelorette parties night clubs raves or any fun party adventure.

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Bachelorette Party Diamond Ring Ice Cube Tray

Final night of freedom. 12 diamond ring shaped ice cubes.

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Gummy Finger Ring Dongs 12 Count Display

Fun to wear Fun to share Fun to suck on anywhere.

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Bachelorette Light Up Party Diamond Ring - 24 Piece Display

Bachelorette Party Light Up Diamond Ring makes any Bachelorette Party more fun. Shine a light on your party night with the Bachelorette Light Up Diamond Ring. Super bright white light make you the shinning star on your special party night out.

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Bachelorette Party Silk Sash

This silk sash is sure to enhance your night of fun. You will defiitely be the center of attention with this Bachelorette party sash.

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Bachelorette Party Letter Banner

Its time to party... The Bachelorette Party letter banner is a one piece sign. The sign measures eight feet of width and 7 inches high.

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Bachelorette Party Foil Balloons 9 Pack Assorted Colors

Get your party on.. Great to decorate the party or to take out to the bars. Includes 9 round assorted colored balloons.

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Bachelorette Party Jumbo Flexy Pecker Straws 10 Pack

When seven inches is just not big enough... We give you all twelve inches. Super flex tip that is fun to sip. Go deep with the dicky super straws. Three bright neon colors to choose from.

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Penis Cookie Cutter - 2 Pack

The hint of Nookie in the shape of a cookie.

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Pecker Cake Sprinkles - 16 Piece Display

Sprinkle some sweet sexy fun into your next party event...with the little penis shaped Pecker Cake Sprinkles. Want to add some fun to your cake the next time you bake. Well now you can with the little Pecker Cake Sprinkles. These cute little pecker shaped sprinkles will really liven things up at your next party event.. when your unsuspecting party guests go to take a bite of whatever you sprinkle them onto. These sweet little treats really add fun to the tip of the tongue.

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