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Helix Syn Prostate Massager

Experience the synthesis achieved with our most popular Helix model and velvet touch silicone. The original Helix design has been skillfully refined for an even more comfortable fit ad with it solid inner frame still maintains the rigidity necessary for the mind-blowing prostate experiences we are famous for. The final touch is a coating of the finest silicone available for extreme comfort and maximum pleasure. The Synergy possible with Helix Syn and the Male G-spot is an unmatched combination you have to experience for yourself.

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Aneros Prostate Massager

The Helix was designed based on feedback from our customers and several additional design patents. It has a sharply angled stem and large bulbous head which provide a more aggressive prostate massage. The redesigned P-tab provides a more focused external prostate stimulation when massaging the perineum.

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Eupho Syn Prostate Massager

A new evolution of Eupho has arrived - Aneros Eupho Syn a perfect synthesis of the popular prostate massager with velvet touch silicone. The Eupho Syn maintains the slim design and small head allowing for more targeted massagers. Increased comfort is derived from the addition of a thick silicone coating over the rigid frame necessary for an awe-inspiring prostate experience. Eupho Syn is ideal for men with stronger sphincter muscles who can control the massaging capabilities through varied contractions. Even the most experienced users of prostate massagers will discover new sensations by exploring their body with Eupho.

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Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager

The delicately shaped Eupho has a small head and thinner stem which means that it will move more than the other Aneros models. Instead of putting pressure on the entire prostate the Eupho massager different parts depending on the mans anal sphincter contractions.

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Device - Male G-Spot Stimulator

DeVice is an optional way to enjoy full silicone experience of the Award winning Vice without the vibration. The area used to house the vibrator has been filled with silicone to give DeVice a solid inner core.

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Beginner's Backdoor Kit

Discover the joy of back door play - at your own pace - with this phallic anal toy kit! Alone or with a partner, experiment with 3 life-like penis-shaped butt plugs. Start small, then work your way up! The firm yet flexible material delivers a life-like feeling you'll want to try again and again!

• Anal toy kit with 3 flexible penis shaped plugs
• 3 sizes for graduated experience
• Life-like penis shape & design
• Made from firm & pliable TPE
• Large plug is 6.75" long, 2" wide, and insertable up to 5.75"
• Medium plug is 4.75" long, 1.5" wide, and insertable up to 4.5"
• Small plug is 4" long, 1.25" wide, and insertable up to 3.5"
• Always use with water-based lube or gel
• Phthalate & latex free

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Adam and Eve Adam's Penis Extension With Anal Leash

This unique and multi-purpose penis extender fits comfortably to add girth and length while gently cradling your balls in a ring that allows them to hang freely while you thrust. The supple and stretchy sheath is textured with realistic vein patterns to please your partner internally. For added stimulation and intense pleasure, use the 'leash' attached to explore anal sensations that can add a whole new dimension to your experience!

- Made from supple, stretchy TPE
- Penis extension with built-in ring for testicles to hang down
- Realistic penis texture for internal stimulation
- Extension has 6" insertable length, 2 " width
- Anal 'leash' attached for simultaneous penetration
- Anal attachment has 3" insertable length, 1.3" width
- Phthalate and latex free

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Adam and Eve 3 Point Prostate Silicone Massager

Luxury and style lead the way as this full-featured three point prostate massager lets you choose your level of play: beginner, intermediate or advanced. Customize your experience by cycling through ten separate vibration speeds and functions. Enjoy the deep satisfaction of the most intense climaxes of your life with gentle or powerful prostate massage. Add perineum massage for maximum stimulation at will - or do both at the same time, or alternate between the two. For best results apply lubrication before use.

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Dual Flexi Anal Bead Stick - Black

Activate and awaken your other erogenous zones during sex with this dual-end silicone anal bead stick. Begin with the beaded tip. Slowly work your way up to the largest bead, pulling them out during climax for maximum pleasure. Then, when you're ready for bigger thrills, use the larger end.

It's also flexible, smooth, and perfect for anal stimulation.

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Adam and Eve Silicone Booty Boot Camp Training

Make sure your anal exploration goes as smooth as silk with this set of training butt plugs that go from tiny to robust in three graduated sizes! Use plenty of lubricant as you begin with the first size and slowly work your way up from there. The flared base gives you peace of mind for easy retrieval, and clean up is a snap with Adam & Eve toy cleaner and hot water rinse!

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Adam and Eve Forbidden Anal Lube - 1 Oz.

You can bet you butt on Adam and Eve's finest anal lube. It's specially designed for silky smooth backdoor sex. This odorless water-based formula is safe with condoms and your favorite sex toys. A little goes a long way! Never sticky or t acky. Latex condom compatible. Safe for all sex toys.

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Adam and Eve Easy Anal - 1 Oz.

Here's the formula that gives you maximum pleasure with maximum ease. Easy Anal's 7.5 percent benzocaine formula makes anal sex easy - first time, every time. Great for the anal beginner and the educated butt master. Easy Anal acts as a lube, too, although you may want to add your favorite lube once the desensitizing takes effect.

Easy Anal is easy to use.. Just apply a small amount to rectal area before penetration. Wait a few minutes for desensitization to take effect before attempting penetration. Be patient, it might take you a few tries to figure out what is the right amount for you.

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Adam and Eve Lube - 8 Oz.

Super-slick, long lasting, great for toys and anal, too! This super-slippery Adam and Eve lubricant provides slick strokes in a water-soluble, condom compatible formula you will love. Use safely with all types of adult toys, condoms, and other items. Handy no spill 8 oz. squeeze bottle allows easy one-hand application so you will never miss a moment of fun.

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Adam and Eve Forbidden Anal Lube - 8 Oz.

You can bet you butt on Adam and Eve's finest anal lube. It's specially designed for silky smooth backdoor sex. This odorless water-based formula is safe with condoms and your favorite sex toys. A little goes a long way! Never sticky or t acky. Latex condom compatible. Safe for all sex toys.

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Adam and Eve Forbidden Anal Lube - 4 Oz.

You can bet you butt on Adam and Eve's finest anal lube. It's specially designed for silky smooth backdoor sex. This odorless water-based formula is safe with condoms and your favorite sex toys. A little goes a long way! Never sticky or t acky. Latex condom compatible. Safe for all sex toys.

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Silicone Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads

Discover the joys of vibrating anal pleasure the easy way: one bead at a time! Just add your favorite water-based lube and start with the 1/4" wide tip. As you go deeper, the graduated beads increase in size so you can test your limits and train your way to booty bliss. Fire up the removable bullet and shake your caboose with 7 intense vibration functions.

• Graduated vibrating anal beads
• Made from smooth, flexible silicone
• 7 function removable bullet vibe
• 7.75" long, 6" insertable
• Beads range from 0.25" to 1" at base
• Waterproof
• Latex & phthalate free
• 3 LR44 batteries included

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Adam and Eve Silicone Vibrating Anal Beads

Discover the joys of anal pleasure... on bead at a time! Plus: add waves of extra stimulation with powerful vibrations!

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Adam and Eve Silicone P-Spot Massager

Enjoy the intense pleasure of prostate stimulation with this hefty silicone P-spot massager! The ring shaped handle allows you or your partner to grip firmly and gently slide the bulb-tipped shaft inside for prostate stimulation -- including more powerful, mind-blowing orgasms! Clean up is easy with Adam & Eve Toy Cleaner and a warm water rinse.

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Adam and Eve Silicone Cheeky Anal Vibe

Your cheeks will quiver as this sleek and slipper silicone anal vibe buzzes at your backdoor. Smooth, graduated ridges stimulate with every slide, and make going at your own pace easy. And with 10 vibration functions, you're sure to find the one that hits the right spot.

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Adam and Eve Dual Pleasure Vibe - Pink

Indulge your kinkiest double penetration fantasies. As this dual pleasers realistic main shaft sinks deep inside you, a string of naughty anal beads fills your backdoor. The centrally placed motor sends powerful multi-speed vibrations thundering through both shafts to hit all your spots at once. Made of pliable jelly material, the A & E Dual P leasure Vibtrator's dual shafts can be bent and flexed to find the perfect angle for pleasure and retains just the right amount of firmness to make penetration easy and keep you comfortable.

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Adam and Eve Anal Douche

Use EZ Anal Douche to gently squeeze cleansing warm water through your body or your partners body in preparation for satisfying anal play. Get into the tub and squeeze the bulb to fill it up with warm water. Then after applying water-based or silicone lube slide the tip inside and squeeze to send out a wave of cleansing water. Repeat as needed until the water comes out clear. Clean easily by disassembling and washing each part thoroughly with hot water and Adam and Eve anti-bacterial cleaner. Once dry, reassemble and store it in a cool dark place.

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Adam and Eve Thrusting Anal Vibe - Black

This advanced anal play toy gives you the wild thrusting sensation you desire with complete confidence. It has a realistic rounded penis-shaped head and its shaft is ribbed to give you that thrusting up and down feeling when combined with titillating vibrations. Stimulate all your sensitive nerve endings to create mind blowing orgasms and the four inch sturdy base will keep it in place.

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Adam and Eve Pink Jelly Slim Dildo - Pink

Slender, flexible and seductive! It's 6" long and 1" wide for easy vaginal play and anal exploration. Dip it into your favorite love zone! The wide base makes it easy to hold onto, and the veined details pop out to stimulate. Molded from super flexible TPR material, this realistic looking dildo is perfect for your deepest erogenous zones.

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Adam and Easy Anal Buddy - Purple

The perfect choice for an anal enthusiast who craves more, the Easy Anal Buddy i s a vibrating anal probe with multiple speeds, an easy to grip flared base, and non-toxic jelly material that warms up to body temperature. Shaped for easy ins ertion, with a satisfying length that lets the user take as much as they want, t his sizable anal pleasure tool will become a bedroom favorite for backdoor stimu lation lovers. The tip has an oval shape that slides i easily, slowly widening i nto four graduated bulges spaced along the smooth, flexible 9" shaft. The round bottom is easy to hold for self-thrusting or allows a partner control taboo ple asures! To adjust the vibration speed, simply twist the dial on the front of the vibrator control to the left or right until you find just the right buzz to sen d you over the edge. The long control cord has plenty of slack, making it perfec t for erotic positioning as well as handing control off to your partner.

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Adam and Eve Silicone Butt Bead - Black

These silky smooth beads give you the strength and flexibility you need to experiment with anal play. Start with the smallest bead and work your way up in size making sure you are comfortable at each stage. Enjoy gentle pressure and stimulation at every rung of the bead ladder. The flexible shaft conforms to the body's contours and the ridges hold on to more lube. The pull ring makes retrieval easy.

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Adam and Eve the Assifier

Anal newbies, your backdoor is in for a treat! Explore anal play safely & comfor tably with this soft & flexible butt plug. It gradually widens from 0.25 - 1 inc h girth, making it ideal for first-timers. The 2-inch base doubles as a handle a nd is a vital safety feature. Plug your pucker with just the right size and shap e! No bumps, no vibrations, no whopping size, no worries!

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Adam and Eve Anal Trainer Kit - Black

This sexy set of 3 soft and pliable anal plugs allows you to train your backdoor to enjoy the exquisite pleasure of anal sex. Start with the small plug, graduat e to the medium plug, and then ease further into your anal adventures with the large plug. Each plug features a tapered tip for easy entry and a stretchy ring for sensual thrusting and quick removal.

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